2021 Calendar

Details will be announced as they become known

April 10, 11 am, Zoom register: barbara@roxburylandtrust.org Native Butterflies & How to Attract Them to Your CT Garden Toddy Benivegna

April 17, 11am, Zoom, register: barbara@roxburylandtrust.org Uncovered Secrets of Planning & Installing a Meadow Adrienne Caruso & Bob Lambert

April 24, 11am, Zoom register:  barbara@roxburylandtrust.org Maximizing Space in the Garden:  Creating More of a Good Thing Tovah Martin

May 13  Meeting TBA

May 21  Friday Set Up for Plant Mart 8-12
May 22  Saturday Plant Mart 7-2 for workers, 8:30-12 for the sale

June 10  Meeting TBA

July 8  Meeting TBA

August 12  Meeting TBA

September 9 Meeting TBA

October 14 Meeting TBA

November 11 Meeting TBA

December 9 Meeting TBA

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